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Anxiety and what it does to the body

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Play the 2 videos below to learn more about anxiety and what it does to your body.
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Play audio to understand the uncontrollable reactions we have and how they came to be.

After you complete this exercise, you’ll have a solid idea of how and why you react like you do when you’re confronted with your fear.


Knowledge is power. The next time you feel worries or anxiety start welling up whether due to your phobia or something else, think back to what you’ve learnt here and remind yourself that your reactions are not something you can control all the time.


However, you ARE actively doing something to help yourself feel better and react differently
(like doing this 7-day challenge!)


If you enjoyed today’s challenge, let us know by getting in touch at so we can make more programs for your wellness!


Best wishes from Team oVRcome

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