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Best year yet

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

New Year's resolutions are always going to be a thing, and this year is no different. On the return to work there is no doubt that the discussion around the water dispenser or coffee pot will gravitate towards “what are you going to do this year?” So common are these discussions that last January, I wrote about a different type of resolution. Advocating the dedication to short term, achievable goals, rather than one overwhelming commitment of quitting something cold turkey, or starting something new going from zero to a hundred, as an alternative approach to a new year. Now that January has rolled around again, and after a big year for the team at oVRcome, this time I’m focussing on how we can support you to make 2022 all about managing and beating some of those anxiety inducing fears and phobias.

Phobias and Anxiety

At the very core of the company is the desire to support individuals who suffer from social anxiety phobias. From a fear of flying, to spiders, from birds to confined spaces, there are a number of phobias which we as humans can suffer from, and with 18% of us suffering with some form of phobia or anxiety, support is certainly needed. oVRcome have developed virtual reality experiences which utilise the exposure therapy approach to managing phobias, for a number of different conditions. Why not start by taking one of our free tests.

Supporting Children and Young People

Does your child suffer from anxiety or a phobia? Just like those programmes discussed above, we also have something for all ages. From kids to tweens to teens, we have tailored programmes to support them in their fears and anxieties. Have a closer look at these options on our website. What’s more, you also have access to a dashboard to see how they are progressing with the programme, giving you parental control and another level of support in their journey to beating that phobia.

Needle Distraction App

In light of the global pandemic, and the rolling out of vaccination programmes, rates of vaccine hesitancy and a fear of needles has gone up. While this is to be expected, considering ways to support individuals in those situations has been vital. So yes, oVRcome has an solution - the Needle Distraction app. Available to use as a free standalone app, it creates a virtual reality experience to take the focus away from yours, or a loved ones, situation where the needle or vaccine process would cause high levels of stress or anxiety.

7 day challenge

What is more, we have curated support through the form of a one week challenge, developed to deliver a little stress relief, once a day, by email. Each email will have a short activity for you to complete. Where the challenge comes in, is actually quite simple - complete the daily task. At the end of the week, the aim is for you to have learned 7 skills which you can now use in your everyday life to cope a little more, and feel a little better. It is also perfect for those who are seeking support for something coming up, such as a COVID-19 vaccine, or a presentation that you might have to deliver. Take a look at this section of our website.

Other channels

We also have a range of content for you to engage with on our YouTube channel. There are discussions with clinical psychologists Katryn Harvey and and Catherine Gallagher around mental health conditions and the approach which we use to support patients, to further their understanding of the process. Meanwhile, in this video, one of our case studies, Anne, discusses her experience of aerophobia and how virtual reality and exposure therapy with oVRcome supported her to take a flight. And of course, you can find a diverse selection of articles on our Blog, which discuss a range of phobias, anxiety and dives deeper into the use of exposure therapy and virtual reality to support individuals with such conditions.

So how about it? Why not make the commitment to your mental health this year? With so many pathways to support you through your, or your families, fears, phobias and anxieties, reach out to us today and make this a year to overcome those barriers to a fear-free life.

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