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Tips for living a balanced life

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Living a balanced life seems near impossible when you’re juggling work, studies, friends and/or a family. Life can get pretty out of control sometimes, which is why it’s important to maintain balance and find out what gives your life more stability. As soon as the scales start tipping more towards one side or the other, you could end up sacrificing things that are most important to you. This post takes a look at ways you can incorporate more balance into your life.

Why is balance important? 

Living a balanced life will lead to less stress and potential anxiety around responsibilities. This balance doesn’t just refer to the work-life balance it can be in regards to any part of your life that competes with another. Finding a good balance in your life will have you feeling stable and fulfilled.

1) Find your priorities

Work out what your priorities are, this will help determine which area of your life you should dedicate more time to in order to feel fulfilled. It could be feeling healthy, socialising with friends, having a successful career, or raising a family. Most people will have more than one priority, but they won’t all hold the same weight. Be selfish! Prioritise things that make you feel good, this will leave you with more energy for the things you don’t enjoy as much. 

2) You time

As mentioned before it’s important to find out what you enjoy and what makes you feel good. Incorporate more of these into your daily schedule, which will leave you feeling more balanced. It could mean getting up 10 minutes earlier and enjoying a book, taking yourself to a yoga class, going for a walk in nature or journaling. The act of taking time out of your day just for you will lead you one step closer to living a more balanced life. 

3) Live healthier 

If you want to keep up with all your responsibilities and make time for yourself, eating well and exercising is going to help you succeed. It’s no secret that exercise relieves stress and releases happy endorphins. Build exercise into your daily routine to help reduce stress and clear your mind. Eating well also will contribute to feeling more balanced. If you’re constantly eating high sugar or junk food you’ll experience sugar crashes or feel sluggish. Eating a well-rounded diet will give you the energy you need to tackle your responsibilities. It also pays to watch your caffeine intake, if you’re feeling jittery after coffee or crash later in the day try to cut some of the coffee down. 

4) Say no more

If you’re a yes person and constantly say yes to everything it might be time to slow down. Refine what you’re saying yes to and only commit if it's in line with your priorities. It’s okay to turn down opportunities or a drink with a friend if you’re feeling run down. Saying no and making more time for yourself will have you feeling more balanced. 

5) Reduce negative influences

Are there activities that make you feel bleh? Or maybe a toxic relationship with a friend? Within reason, cut out any commitments that don’t make you feel good. It can be hard, but be honest with your own feelings and say goodbye to any of these negative influences. It’ll not only reduce the negativity in your life but also make more time for self-care and positive activities. 

6) Celebrate the small wins

Take a step back often and celebrate what you’ve achieved daily or weekly. It doesn't have to be anything big, but celebrating little things will leave you feeling more grateful and proud of your accomplishments. This will help bring balance into your life by taking a step back and not being caught up in the busyness all the time. 

7) Disconnect from devices 

Make time in your day to completely disconnect from your devices. Having no technology a few hours before bed is a good way to wind down and slow down. This will give you some breathing space and not get caught up in the fast pace of social media or a pesky work email. On that note, make sure all your work notifications are turned off on your phone, this will stop work overlapping with your personal life and quality time at home. 

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