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Get the convenience of at-home virtual reality exposure therapy for you and your client. Once invited by your client, you get access to a dashboard where you can edit their exposure hierarchy and connect into their VR session in real-time. 

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VR Technology trusted by clinics including:

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The easiest way to increase exposure therapy

It's time for change, let's rethink the way we provide therapy.


Clinically shown to be as effective as in vivo


More exposure equals better outcomes, faster


Clients prefer virtual reality
exposure therapy

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Help your clients do more exposure therapy

More exposure equals better outcomes, faster. Your clients will love the convenience, privacy and safety of VR exposure therapy compared to traditional in vivo exposure.

No plane, no needles, no spiders? No problem! Get your client to invite you into their VRET via the oVRcome app, full instructions below under 'Getting Started'.


Get a user friendly, all-inclusive solution designed with everyday people in mind


Once invited by your client, you get access to the dashboard.

Build their personalised hierarchy for them to view through their smartphone and oVRcome headset

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Gain access to an extensive VR exposure Library

Have access to our full library and be notified when new simulations are added.

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Get a clear overview of your clients' activity

View and download reports on the time spent on your clients' exposure therapy.


Getting Started 


Your client downloads the oVRcome app to their smartphone.


During the setup, they select the option that they were invited by their therapist.


They enter your email address. An email is generated to you with a link to their dashboard.


You get access to their dashboard. From there you can edit their hierarchy and connect into their VR session in real-time.

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Or enter your name and your client's email address below and we'll email them instructions.

What others are saying
about oVRcome

“I’m finding it helpful and I’m more relaxed next to heights. I used to feel a lot of anxiety but it’s better after the program.”

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Fear of heights user

"This app is great. Very easy to use and straight forward instructions. A great variety of clips to view with varying degrees of intensity together with relaxation techniques and a multitude of information. I am continuing using this app even after my trial period finished."

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"Great for help with phobias or fears. Goes over techniques that help calm you and then stages of virtual programs to help you overcome them."

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What does it cost?

When your client downloads oVRcome and selects their plan, they'll pay for Premium access. You pay nothing to access their dashboard.





Includes oVRcome headset
$17/month after 6 weeks.
Cancel anytime.



oVRcome's official
VR headset - theirs to keep 


Connect with your client remotely and see what they're seeing


Access a range of exclusive environments in various scenarios and difficulty levels 


See your clients improve and grow your practice with oVRcome!

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Current oVRcome programs

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