7 Day Challenge

Welcome to the oVRcome 7-Day Challenge.
This product has been developed by oVRcome to deliver a little stress relief, once a day, by email. Each email will have a short activity for you to complete. Your challenge is to complete the daily task. It's that easy! At the end of the week, the aim is for you to have learned 7 skills which you can now use in your everyday life to cope a little more, and feel a little better.
Although we've designed the challenge for people suffering from specific phobia, they're also suitable for anyone who'd like to understand how to manage fear and anxiety, or those who have trouble relaxing or unwinding.
Sign up by [call to action]. It's FREE!We hope you enjoy the oVRcome 7-Day Challenge!For feedback, comments, or suggestions, please drop us a line at

social anxiety.png
Do you find yourself avoiding social situations?
Does the thought of spider make you crawl?
Do you start sweating at the idea of flying?
Is the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine worrying you?
Does the thought of walking past a dog make you freeze up?
Do you get nervous when approaching a bridge?