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Fear of needles

Tired of being terrified? Treatment for a fear of needles is available through oVRcome, an exposure therapy smartphone app.

It's private, uses a proven methodology, and you can start right now.

Plans and pricing:

Equivalent to $16.58 USD / month

$199 USD / year

+ FREE VR headset* + shipping costs


$29 USD / month

VR Headset $29 USD + shipping costs

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* Website only special

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Is this for your child or teen?

Watch our video

Like what you see? It really is that easy. One low-cost subscription will get you started immediately. Use oVRcome to rediscover your freedom in just 10 minutes a day. We’ll send you the headset right to your door.

oVRcome shifts your mindset through virtual reality.

What's included?


oVRcome Headset 

Free with our annual subscription or purchase for only $29 USD + postage 


Complete program

Access all content and VR simulations


Full VR library

Experience exclusive full-immersion environments


See your progress

Overcome various scenarios and
difficulty levels

Recent Media Coverage

Trusted by people who know what you're going through

"Needle simulation was amazing. Going through the needle exposure was really helpful, particularly when you lightly apply a pen at the same time to simulate a real feeling!"

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Fear of needles user

"It has helped me so much. After delaying watching the blood test exposure. I soon realized the actual procedure was not as bad as the images I had in my head – which were feeding my anxiety. I am so much more relaxed about the potential of a future blood test. Thanks again – it has made a huge difference to my life."

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"Just thought I'd let you know that on the 14th of October I managed to get my covid19 vaccination. Your app has helped me so much with my phobia. Thank you so much for your awesome app"

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The oVRcome program

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Learn powerful skills to fight Trypanophobia

oVRcome teaches you how to manage anxiety from trypanophobia with psychoeducation audio lessons. Then, it puts you in virtual reality environments to practice your new skills with gradual exposure to your fears.

How it works

How it works 



Purchase and download the Trypanophobia: fear of needles program



Start the lessons while your headset is being delivered to you 



Receive your headset, pair it up with your phone then begin your virtual reality exposure therapy


The oVRcome VR Headset is included

oVRcome's official VR headset is included in the annual subscription or it can be purchased for $29 USD + postage. It is compatible with most smartphones 4.7" - 6.0" and can be worn with glasses.

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Access a range
of exclusive environments

oVRcome has an extensive library of environments for your exposure therapy. Become immersed without leaving the comfort of home.

Are you ready to overcome your fear of needles?

$199 USD / year

Equivalent to $16.58 USD / month

+ FREE VR headset* + shipping costs


$29 USD / month

VR Headset $29 USD + shipping costs

Automatically renews. Cancel anytime.
* Website only special

Trusted by many clinics and organisations including:

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