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Ready for a New Reality? 

oVRcome brings virtual reality exposure therapy to your smartphone. Now you can overcome phobias and social anxiety in the privacy of your own home. Available worldwide (international shipping rates may apply).

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Trusted by many clinics and organisations including:

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Like what you see? It really is that easy. One low-cost subscription will get you started immediately. Use oVRcome to rediscover your freedom in just 10 minutes a day. We’ll send you the headset right to your door.

What people are saying

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“We recommend oVRcome for people that can't make it into our clinic for treatment for their phobia or social anxiety."

Corrie Ackland, Clinical Psychologist, Sydney Phobia Clinic

Our success stories

Is this you?


of people suffer from an anxiety disorder such as social anxiety or a phobia


of people suffer in silence and receive no treatment

Why Virtual Reality
Exposure Therapy?

Undisputed first line of treatment 

Exposure therapy (ET) is currently the undisputed first line of treatment in treating anxiety disorders such as specific phobia, OCD, and Social Anxiety Disorder.

Produces significant behavior change

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) produces significant behavior change in real-life situations.

Developed by clinical psychologists

oVRcome is easy to use, safe and developed based on scientific evidence with
clinical psychologists.

Evidence Based Treatment

View the results of our clinical trial now published in the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 

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Overcome your phobia or anxiety with scientifically proven virtual reality exposure therapy

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Help your clients do more exposure therapy

Through the oVRcome's dashboard you can build hierarchies, watch exposure sessions as your clients experience them and receive client progress data all remotely from the comfort of your office



Does your child suffer from anxiety or fear?

oVRcome gives your child or teen the skills to manage their fears and prepares them for real-life situations by gently guiding them through virtual reality exposure therapy

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Free yourself from fear

Start your journey today and lower your anxiety in 16 VR Simulations

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