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Fear or Phobia? 

Everyone is afraid of something. But sometimes, your fears feel overwhelming. The things you are scared of might keep you up at night, cause you to overreact, or make you want to avoid people, places, or situations. 
A fear becomes a phobia when that feeling of dread is very strong, always there, and your reactions to that fear feel like they are over the top. This is when your fears start to get in the way of you living your life and turn into a full-blown phobia.

How Do Phobias Start?

If you’re wondering how a phobia even starts in the first place, clinical psychologist Kathryn Harvey makes it easy to understand in this 90 second video below:

Does any of that sound like you?

Take the FREE online tests below to know if you have a fear, or if your fear has turned into a phobia.
It will take 1 minute of your time and we’ll email you your results in a PDF customized by a clinical psychologist based on your specific answers.

social anxiety.png
Do you find yourself avoiding social situations?
Does the thought of spiders make your skin crawl?
claustrophobia icon.png
Do you sweat and shake when you're in tight spaces?
Do you start sweating at the idea of flying?
Is the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine worrying you?
mouse icon.png
Does the thought of mice or rats make your stomach sink?
Does the thought of walking past a dog make you freeze up?
Do you get nervous when approaching a bridge?
bird icon.png
Do you get nervous when birds are nearby?
insect icon.png
Does the thought of insects make you itch?
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