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Every journey starts with a first step. Start your child’s journey towards freedom from fear and anxiety today.

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You’re here because your child’s anxiety has become an issue.


Perhaps you used to think, “All children are scared of spiders,” or “I was scared of dogs when I was a kid too.”


Maybe you reason that even adults can be terrified of needles. Or that your child will grow out of their extreme shyness. “They will get better at socializing,” you think. “It’s just a phase.”

But now, it’s getting to a point where your child’s anxiety seems to be ruling their lives - and your household!

Is your child’s stress and nerves causing them a lot of distress and what seems to be almost internal agony?

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Do they refuse to do non-negotiable things they have to do like go to school or the doctor, or even want to stop doing activities they used to love?

Sometimes, do you feel like you’ve lost your parenting “mojo” and can’t help but feel helpless that both of you are having a really tough time managing your child’s anxiety?

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But remember, as a parent or a significant adult in a young person's life, you hold a lot of power to introduce a positive change to their life.

Have you noticed your child’s anxiety getting worse? 

The time to act is now!

You know from experience that tip-toeing around the issue, avoiding it, or trying to work around it has only given anxiety permission to get bigger and bigger. When this happens, the fear, worries, and stress will only affect more parts of your child’s life.


Anxiety might be something that’s new to you. Or it might be something you’ve lived with yourself, or seen growing up with the adults you were surrounded with.

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Wherever your child’s anxiety stems from, do know:


There are solutions.


There is help.


This is manageable.

It all starts here...

With this FREE eBook put together by the oVRcome clinical psychologist team that gives you 7 key tips towards calming your child’s anxiety.

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For more targeted help with your child’s specific fears, anxiety, and phobia, use the oVRcome Virtual Reality Program for Kids and Adolescents designed by clinical psychologist using clinically proven methods, and trusted by mental health and medical professionals.

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