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Free yourself from fear today 

oVRcome helps get your phobias and anxieties under control, so you can live a happier, healthier, more relaxed life.  

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Took the fear away

This app was instrumental in helping my 14 year old daughter deal with her fear of injections (Trypanophobia)

We went from not even being able to mention the COVID 19 injection to using the calming exercises to get her into the clinic and ultimately having the injection.

We also had great support from the Ovrcome team throughout the course.

We were stuck before we stumbled across this app and course. Thanks

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Definitely recommend. I have been able to overcome arachnophobia in a gradual, non-confronting, and empowering way. Having previously experienced panic attacks when coming across large spiders, I am now able to approach, capture and remove them from the house with little anxiety thanks to this app! I wouldn’t have believed that outcome before trying it. Thank you!

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App user

OVRcome has provided me with a toolbox of resources to curb my fear of flying. I found the modules easy to listen too and to the point. After completing the Exposure Therapy I feel ready to control this phobia than this controlling me. I like listening to the Pilot audio prior to flying as I treat it as a wee pee talk before boarding that plane.

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Start your journey now

Developed by clinical psychologists, oVRcome delivers safe, effective, and quick results with guided VR exposure therapy and coping strategies.

And lower your anxiety

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