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oVRcome VRET for psychologists

Clinical Guide

This guide is designed to help you prepare for your first oVRcome VRET session with your clients. You can also use it to give them helpful information and answer common questions. Where information is meant to be shared with your clients, we’ve worded it as if you were speaking to them directly so you can answer them quickly.


Should you have any questions that have not been addressed in this guide, please feel free to reach out to us at


oVRcome Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy


Staying Comfortable in the Headset


Getting Started


Patient FAQ


Transition to In Vivo Exposure

oVRcome Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Benefits of oVRcome VRET for Psychologists

As a psychologist who prescribes exposure therapy, you’ll know that in vivo exposure doesn’t come without inconveniences. oVRcome VRET has been designed to break down the barriers of space, time, location, and technology, while allowing you to scale your business.

Here’s how:

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Exposure Therapy Anywhere

Your clients can still undergo exposure therapy regardless of lockdowns or social distancing restrictions. You get to connect to their live home sessions without ever leaving your office.

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Give Your Clients the Convenience of VR

Your clients get to do VRET at their own pace. It works with their schedule. They’ll never have to go searching for hard-to-find situations. Happier clients are always wonderful for business.

Asset 2_4x.png

Help Your Clients do More

Your clients can do more exposure sessions in different environments than they could ever do through in vivo exposure. They can repeat simulations until they’re more comfortable with them. Because you can see what they’re doing, know how much exposure they’ve done, and have access to all the environments they’re immersed in, your presence becomes a source of motivation and a driving force for them to keep going.

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It’s Easy to Use

oVRcome VRET is an all-inclusive solution made for everyday people. If you know how to use a computer, you’ll be right at home with our psychologist dashboard. If your client can operate a smartphone, they’re good to go. With our customer service team on standby, you can rest assured that any issues are quickly solved.

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Grow Your Business

The oVRcome dashboard lets you keep your exposure therapy sessions going remotely, even during lockdowns. Our technology lets you monitor multiple clients at the same time. You’ll be able to manage more clients with a smart solution, in less time than ever before.

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Industry standard privacy and data protection

Feel secure in the fact that we’ll never sell your data. We comply with best industry practices regarding all matters concerning your privacy and that of your clients’.

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It’s Proven

oVRcome VRET is currently being clinically trialed, with some very promising results due December 2021.


Benefits and Risks of VRET for clients

If your clients would like to know why you have recommended oVRcome VRET for them, here are 6 reasons to share.

To keep them as safe as possible, we would also like you and your clients to be aware of 4 potential risks while in VR.

We have worded these benefits and risks as if you were speaking to your clients directly to make it easy for you to share this information with them.

Benefits of VRET

VRET is the preferred type of exposure therapy for the majority of people looking to desensitize themselves to fears and phobias *


Here’s why:

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It’s Effective.

Research shows that VRET is not significantly different to in vivo exposure therapy when it comes to efficacy** It’s also actually more effective at maintaining results over a 6-month period than in vivo exposure therapy***

Asset 10_4x.png

It’s Convenient.

You won’t need to spend time traveling or searching for exposure scenarios. You can also do as little or as much exposure as you like - anywhere, any time.

Asset 13_4x.png

It’s Accessible.

We have simulations from all over the world that you can access from the comfort of your own home. You won’t need to visit a doctor’s office for a blood test just to get that exposure. It’s all on your smartphone.

Asset 9_4x.png

It’s Private.

VRET happens in a headset, not out in public places. This means no one will see your reactions or judge you for them. You can focus on the actual exposure without feeling worried about the awkwardness of seeking exposure outside of the home.

Asset 11_4x.png

It’s Affordable.

Things like flying on planes, traveling to bridges, and skydiving all cost money. oVRcome makes VRET affordable so you can have a large range of situations in your hierarchy with one low, very competitive monthly payment.

Asset 12_4x.png

It’s Virtual.

So you’re perfectly safe and not in any actual danger.

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