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Teen Vaping Addiction Program

Is your teen struggling with vaping?

oVRcome is a clinically proven digital intervention that uses Virtual Reality to build resilience towards specific vaping cues, via the oVRcome smartphone app.

Website special: USD$199/year + a FREE VR headset
(+ shipping costs)

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Developed by our team of Clinicial Psychologists including Addiction specialist Dr. Simon Adamson and Adolescent Psychologist Catherine Gallagher, the oVRcome program first teaches teens the skills neccessary to be able to say no to vaping, then using a range of Virtual Reality environments helps them practice and reinforce those skills to build resilience against vaping addiction.

Experience Real-life VR

Experience exclusive fully immersive virtual reality environments from our growing library.

What you get

  • An oVRcome Smartphone headset to keep sent to your door


  • A 12 month subscription to the program (immediate start).

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12 month subscription


Try experiencing VR right now

You can view one of our VR environments directly on your device right now. While a Virtual Reality headset offers a more immersive experience, this footage will give you an idea of what to expect.

The oVRcome program

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Learn powerful skills to fight Vaping Addiction

oVRcome teaches you how to manage listlessness from vaping addiction with psychoeduaction audio lessons. Then, it puts you in virtual reality environments to practice your new skills and gradually wake up your feeling of accomplishment.

How it works

Website special: USD$199/year + a FREE VR headset (+ shipping costs)

Are you an organisation that is interested in tackling vaping?

Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

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Trusted by people who know what you're going through

"The combined hours of watching and listening to the different flights and the people on board has made the sensation become second-hand and like it is something that I can do.
The best part, personally, is watching how relaxed others are on the flights and re enforcing to myself that it is a safe way to travel and there is nothing to fear.I think that I am quite a logical person, and the fear of flying has long been an issue that I know on some levels should not exist. So, being given the chance to try something new to help has given me a real boost of confidence."

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“I flew from Chch to Auckland  and then on to the Cook Islands, which I had been dreading for weeks, and yes there was turbulence, I used the breathing techniques and the rationalisation. It worked really well and I didn't panic or get bad anxiety. I still have work to do but oh it was such an achievement from years of fear and avoidance."

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"oVRcome has provided me with a toolbox of resources to curb my fear of flying. I found the modules easy to listen too and to the point. After completing the Exposure Therapy I feel ready to control this phobia than this controlling me. I like listening to the Pilot audio prior to flying as I treat it as a wee pee talk before boarding that plane."

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oVRcome your reliance on vaping

It's private, uses a proven methodology, and you can start right now.

Website special: USD$199/year + a FREE VR headset
(+ shipping costs)

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Frequently asked questions


Trusted by many clinics and organisations including:

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