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Introducing oVRcome's 'Needle Distraction' app

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We've been hearing a lot lately about the anxiety people have been feeling around the vaccine. Research shows that between 20%-30% of adults and 30%-50% of children have some anxiety around needles and getting an injection.

Interestingly, in a World Health Organization study of 10 major regions in the world, the mean frequency of needle injections ranges from 2‐11 per person each year. That's a whole lot of anxiety that can be avoided.

While many people suffer from a needle phobia (Trypanophobia) not everyone requires the oVRcome programme. That's why we created the free 'Needle Distraction' app, a simple app that uses virtual reality to distract people when getting an injection. While there's no psychoeducation, or exposure therapy contained within the app, it does contain all of our virtual reality content that is perfect for being transported to a different environment when faced with getting an injection. You can experience clips like standing in Lake Paringa, in South Westland or standing on top of the Remarkables mountain range in Otago. If you don't have a headset of your own, you can purchase one from within the app, and have it arrive to your door within 3-6 days anywhere in the world.

Links to download the app:

Is your fear of needles actually a phobia? Take the free fear of needles test here

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