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Our Clinical Trial For Using Social Anxiety Is Now Live!

At oVRcome, we're extremely passionate about making evidence based treatment for mental health conditions easier to access through Virtual Reality. Through our research partner, the University of Otago we're proud to announce the launch of our second clinical trial, focusing on using Virtual Reality to overcome Social Anxiety. Our first, focusing on five specific phobias can be viewed here.

Above: oVRcome Founder Adam Hutchinson (left) and the University of Otago Associate Professor Dr. Cameron Lacey (right).

Inclusion Criteria:

  • are between 18-64 years old

  • living in New Zealand

  • have moderate (or higher) social anxiety disorder symptoms on Liebowitz social anxiety scale (>60)

  • have

access to a smart phone and internet

  • willing to participate in the research study and providing informed consent

Exclusion Criteria:

  • present with symptoms of severe depression or suicidality respectively as measured with the PHQ-9; total score > 19, =3 on suicidality item

  • have insufficient knowledge of the English language

  • are under current treatment for social phobia or psychotropic medication (unless on stable dosage for the previous 3 months and no changes planned during the study period).

If you're interested in registering for the trial, or registering for any future trials please sign up here. To read more about the trial, click here.

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